Sekouba Jadama, writes from the Police Head Quarters In Banjul

This is to give you a test of tribalism Jammeh has planted in to the Security Services.Pa Jallow of the NIA will surely go and Mola- Jarjue the Army Captain who is his deputy will take over soon,Sakou Drammeh of the Immigration will also go soon and Zeal Sanyang his Deputy will take over soon.Edu Sambou the Finance Officer of the Police will be come the next Deputy but he cannot reach the top because he is not educated and Ben may stay long! The Army, Lang tombong will stay long because he is a Jola and David Colley the bottler will also stay long because he a Jola and from Kanilai.The National Drug Enforcement Agency headed by BUN Sanneh a jola,  is the joke of the century as Bun has never been a Security Officer and he is the most corrupt in the Country given his plea bargin with drug peddlers  and a piece will come later on that as  he has been twisting the arms of Magistrates over the years collecting monies and sharing with his operations Officer Ousman [ Zembe] Sanneh,who will always  light his eyes like  the cat on the advert on the Berec batteries.

All of them became rich over night after a short period of time. If there were some others who are   little educated, they will take over the Customs and all other institutions in the Country and you know what? No member of the National Army will ever question this.Ebrima Sankereh mentioned this in one of his editorials. Jammeh could decide to change the Gambia’s Name to Jammeh Kunda and no one will cough!. Look at the GRTS.How can one sacrifice Bora with Modou Sanyang? Modou a former student of Gunjur Secondary School and a Radio Operator at Mile 7 studios! Our National Assembly members should get up and say enough is enough and the nepotism and tribalism should now be over which has been perpetuated by Jammeh since 1994.   Sekou ba from the Police Headquarters in Banjul.

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Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, May 29, 2007)
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