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BB Darboe???
By Lamarana Jallow, son of the Gambia.

Dear Mr. Editor,

The NIA reported some years ago that Bakary Bunja Darboe was part of the November 11 abortive coup. A file classified issued by the Agency accuses Darboe of having close ties with the late Basiru Barrow, one of the ring leaders of the coup. According to the NIA report Barrow was seen at  BB’S residence a night prior to the coup. During the period in question Samba Bah was the  NIA DG. The report even suggested that BB had relationship with Barrow who was born in Jarra. I have been trying to figure out the veracity of the content of the said report. A team of soldiers were detailed to arrest BB, who was later spotted in Senegal. BB spent sometime in Dakar before resettling into the United Kingdom. The NIA report also alleges that BB was tipped a leadership role should the said coup materializes. BB was also accused of conniving with deposed President Jawara to unseat the government of the day. It’s only BB who can confirm or deny these allegations. What is evident is that the NIA file is not in his favor. They painted BB as a “vicious man” interested in undermining  Gambia’s peace and stability. The NIA report indicates that BB should be arrested if seen within the country. Some men were dispatched to Dakar to pursue BB. There mission was to either abduct or facilitate his extradition to Banjul. Demands made by the government for BB to be  handed was rejected by the Abdou Joof government.As I said earlier, Colonel  Sam Sarr started the debate and I’m bound to say what I know about the present and past public officials. This information I’m revealing is in the interest of BB Darboe. BB’s biggest mistake was to betray the democratic values has been harping over the years. BB was nothing but a fake. BB is an enemy of democracy. He openly undermines Gambia’s democracy in a broad day light. A man of clean conscience should have refused to accept associating himself with a regime that toppled his government through illegal means. BB Darboe cannot justify his action to work with  the junta. BB told Jawara a different story after he had fallen out with the boys. I don’t need to go too far. BB knows what he told the old man when they met in London. Thanks to Jawara’s magnanimity, BB’S apology was accepted. Jawara felt betrayed by BB’S actions. Jawara played a crucial role in BB’S stay in the UK. Had been that it was not Sir Dawad BB was not going to be granted any status in the UK. His image was already undermined. Working for a military junta disqualifies him from any Immigration benefit. Jawara’s pen helped BB a lot. Let BB dispute this and I will produce evidence to back up my claims.

Lamarana Jallow wants to expose the true colors of these so called big wigs. They parade themselves as saviors when they don’t loved their country. BB occupied almost all key positions in Jawara’s government. He should have been the last person to abandon Jawara during that dark period of our political history. But due to greed, lack of morals and principles  BB answered to a call to join the boys. I was present when Jammeh assured Abdou Joof that BB’S life and personal safety was assured should he returned  to the country. BB returned home based on Jammeh’s repeated assurances.

I visited him at his Finance Ministry offices, where we had a brief chat. He never said good things about the junta. BB confided with  me in confidence about his hatred against the junta. There and then, I started doubting his story. How can you hate the junta and yet accepting to work with them? It beats ones imagination. From that day, I started doubting the honesty and sincerity of this turned former Vice President now Lawyer.

Even if there was regime change today in the Gambia, the likes of BB Darboe cannot raise their heads high in the Gambian community. BB is an dishonest intellectual. Like Colonel Sarr, BB too had his own story to tell the Gambian community. BB is not  open at all. He has dictatorial tendencies in him. He believes that he is perfect. One of the reasons why he couldn’t cope with his PPP colleagues was due to his arrogance. At some point, he was called “Jawara’s pet boy.” BB contributed to the removal of Saihou Sabally as Vice President. I will come back to this  later.

There is no material evidence that linked BB to persecution, but his association with the junta to some extent has shattered his credibility. Even securing a job at the United Nations required some supporting letters from the likes of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. DK had to vouch that he knew BB and that the man was dependable and reliable. DK helped BB a lot. BB might be wondering how I succeeded in getting all these information. I have access to Sir Dawda.  I challenge BB to tell the Gambian public how he secured his part time job with the UN. Who help him to get the job? How he got enrolled into a UK University law school?

Some naïve Gambians are trying to misinterpret Lama’s revelations. All patriotic sons of the Gambia like what I’m exposing on Freedom. A handful of few Gambians whose arguments are motivated by tribal lines cannot move me. I’m not a tribalist and would never support it. Lets face the facts and stop the tribal politics.

As I told the Freedom Editor, let him  keep my identity secret. I must commend the paper’s editors for not entertaining enquiries about the true identity of Lamarana Jallow. Good Editors protect their sources and not to harass them. I’m encouraged by the move taken by the Freedom Newspaper to conceal my identity. Based on this, I’m willing to share certain classified files I have in my possession. I will  be back soon. Abaraka Banderabeh. Hakundenallah, Hekahwellayeh!!

Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (Archive on Monday, June 25, 2007)
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