What is it with the self proclaimed and constitutionally appointed conscience keepers of our Nation  that they cannot get themselves to utter a single word on Nandigram without first prefacing it with how much like the Gujarat 2002 riots it is ?

The National Human Rights Commission Chairperson Justice has finally found his voice on Nandigram a full 10 days after the fact. But then his voice returned with a familiar echo from 5 years ago.

Calling the situation in Bengal “grave”, Babu said, “Nandigram and Godhra are assaults on the face of democracy. They are the worst scars on the face of the nation. It is shameless to see that human rights were violated in such a way.” He said NHRC was committed to protect the rights of people who were victims of “opportunist” politics in Bengal and Gujarat.

“The State Human Rights Commission in West Bengal is actively involved in taking up these cases, as it had done at the time of Gujarat riots,” he said on the sidelines of Fourth Annual Meeting of the NHRC with State Human Rights Commissions in New Delhi on Monday.

This equivocation apart from when did the NHRC’s mandate expand to protecting the “people” from politics “opportunistic” or otherwise ?

Be that as it may the message the NHRC Chairperson is sending here is that the only way he can muster credibility and conscience to act on Nandigram is by invoking Gujarat.

So in effect he is telling the mostly Muslim Victims of Nandigram that you got lucky your brethren were the victims in Gujarat otherwise it would be impossible for me to say what I said for it would “politically incorrect” and “inconvenient” for your tormentors – the CPI-Mafioso.

While the NHRC equivocates on Nandigram at tax payer expense, national conscience be damned, other closet communists in the media have fared no better. From TN Ninan to Ashok Desai, the self proclaimed conscience keepers in the media have had to resort to convoluted, politically correct blather to cleanse their conscience of Nandigram, lest they be tainted by association with the CPI-Mafioso.

In fact the most telling comment on this kind of equivocation came from the Indian Express in its editorial titled “Nandigram’s spectre

Is Nandigram 2007 like Gujarat 2002? Such comparisons deceive. Every crime is horrifying in its own way. Yet there is something outrageous about the way in which the CPM is trying to evade acknowledgement of the enormity of the wrong committed in Nandigram

 Computing the exact degrees of separation that lie between Nandigram and the communal carnage in Modi’s Gujarat five years ago is a tawdry exercise, best left to those who have the stomach for it.

Offstumped Bottomline: It is one thing to question those who’s morality and conscience are selectively perked on incidents like in Gujarat over their conspiracy of silence over Nandigram. But to preface every criticism of Nandigram with how much like Gujarat  it is, is an attempt at political correctness that offends the victims of Nandigram. It sends the message that if there were no Gujarat riots in 2002 they would have no words to condemn the state sponsored red terror on the people of Nandigram. It sends the message that they need the moral equivalence with Gujarat to muster the courage and conscience to confront the CP-Mafioso with any credibility.

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