The National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell issued Titan’s Albert Haynesworth a five-game suspension, without pay, for his act in Sunday’s contest. Although it is the most severe penalty ever issued for an on-field atrocity, it still won’t deter future incidents from occurring. Haynesworth will only lose roughly $190,000 in pay, and he’ll miss less than half a season. Haynesworth’s teammate, Robaire Smith, claims fans have no idea what goes on in football games. He said, “Every game you play in this league is dirty. Just so happened [Haynesworth] got caught. He didn’t do anything any dirtier than what’s been going on for years.” Oh, in that case it’s ok then, right? The NFL authorities need to set an example, for actions of professional sports stars (good or bad), have a resounding impact on the nation’s youth, among others. A five game suspension sends the wrong message to everyone. Essentially it says actions such as these aren’t good, nor are they that bad. We realize that it’s simply part of the game, but it shouldn’t be part of any game. And issuing a season-ending suspension would have illustrated such a point in a much more absolute fashion.

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