I have been anxiously watching all of the events in the Middle East and how it effects the Christian community living there. As a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem the turmoil is especially distressing. Watching the cradle of Christianity fall prey to the tragic persecution of my fellow Christians indicates the need not only for financial support but a conscious show of solidarity with our endangered brothers and sisters in Christ. What I propose is a solidarity field trip to Jerusalem, for prayer, reflection and to stand firm with those that are persecuted for our Catholic faith. I have spoken to multiple groups and they too are in agreement that something needs to be done to assist those persecuted and too keep the Holy Land as a place of prayer and pilgrimage a zone of safety for all religious denominations. My suggestion is to organize a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, set perhaps for January so we can show support and solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in this most dangerous land of many ancient faiths. If you think that this is something in which you would like to participate, please send me an email at hjmn4@trinetconsultantsinc.org Already I have engaged the support of some of my college and graduate school classmates, some priests and some bishops that would make the pilgrimage, provided there is a sufficient group of pilgrims. A percentage of the proceeds of the trip would be donated to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem to assist in their continued works in the Holy Land. If your local parish priest would like to include your parish in a pilgrimage to Jerusalem we can mount an exceptional number of people in the tour to spiritually and personally highlight this severe elimination of religious freedoms in the Holy Land. Spread the word…so we might save the missionary activity to freely proclaim THE WORD!

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