Germans are getting inundated with lots of telling statistics these days. The natives, like everybody I suppose, love statistics. Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t always telling the truth.

The latest batch has been delivered by the Friedrich- Ebert-Foundation and indicates, for example, that more than a quarter of Germans hold opinions that can be classed as anti-foreigner. What a bunch of Quark (curd cheese as in BS). That number is well up over fifty percent at least.

The survey also indicates that “extremist attitudes are manifest across all layers of German society.” Wow. Who would have thought that? Extremist attitudes are manifest across all layers of any society out there you choose to pick these days. That’s the nature of the world we live in right now, folks.

Just look at American mid-term election results yesterday. Wait, bad example. Okay, look at Germany’s elections a year ago. Hmmm, that’s another bad example. Well they’re friggin’ out there anyway, okay? They’re just not very relevant. At least not in either of these two countries they are. Amen.

So when some 39 percent of these respondents believe that Germany is “dangerously overpopulated” with foreigners, while 35 percent said foreigners should be sent back to their home countries in the event of scarcity of jobs in Germany, does that give Germans a good reason to worry? Nah, they’re going to worry anyway. But what Germans shouldn’t forget is that there is hardly a country out there that doesn’t have a population that thinks this way. You’re really not all that special, in other words (despite the historical backdrop).

Sad but true. Everybody’s on edge. And if you don’t believe me, just look at the numbers. The numbers behind the numbers, I mean.

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