Ed Morrisey has an interesting post on how some are suggesting Newt Gingrich for RNC Chair. His named hadn’t crossed my mind before, but now that it has I can’t think of a better pick. Regardless of the outcome of this Tuesday’s election, we’re looking at a serious rebuilding period for the Republican Party. Who better than the guy who has already done it before?

There are three key reasons.

The first is instant name recognition. If I ask you who the head of the DNC is, most of you can automatically answer that it’s Howlin’ Howard Dean. What if I ask you who the RNC is? Guy Incognito? Ham Sandwich? Truthfully, I’m writing this and I can’t answer without looking it up. Electing Newt Gingrich instantly gives the Republican Party a familiar face to lead us into the 2010 mid-term elections.

The second comes from something a lefty friend of mine said after catching Newt on “The Daily Show,” where even though he disagrees with him on everything, he had never heard anyone articulate what we think and why we think so well before. It doesn’t matter if it’s Comedy Central or one of the Sunday morning news shows, there aren’t very many people better to make the case for the Republican Party. My lefty friend is a lost cause, but there are a lot in the middle that can be brought over to our side if the right spokesperson is out there clearly articulating why.

The third I feel is the most important and that’s this…if you’ve read any of his books, Newt is highly issue oriented. More than raising money and drafting candidates, I feel we need someone who’s going to put forth new ideas and not concede any of them to the Democrats. Newt won’t concede education to the teachers unions Democrat party. He won’t concede the environment to the environmental lobbyists Democrat party. He won’t concede trade or any other economic issues to the labor unions Democrat party. Most polls give the D’s the advantage when it comes to most domestic issues…including taxes. That needs to end.

So that’s the case for Newt Gingrich…new ideas, new leadership…a new Republican Party!

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