Last week Tim, a reader, wrote:

This sort of story should send chills…A college professor spent nine days in jail, and was suspended from his job because of a false rape accusation. The lying accuser was sentenced — to EIGHT (8) days in jail. That’s right, eight days for the criminal as opposed to nine days for the innocent man. This is not to mention suspension from the college where he worked, and the agony he most assuredly endured over facing 30 years in prison for something he didn’t do.

“The enlightened judge at sentencing made sure to add that the lie will make it harder for real victims to seek help. Ah, what about the innocent man, judge? Has it occurred to you that your unjust sentence will make it harder for innocent victims of false accusations?”

A more detailed story is available here.
This is bad enough, but apparently the reality is far worse. Bruce Miller of sent me this letter today:

“According to the court house manager, after looking at the docket, the jail time was converted to work crew time, which would mean no jail time was served.”

Bruce wrote the King County Prosecutor’s Office and received confirmation of this from deputy chief of staff Ian Goodhew of the Prosecutor’s Office. For trying to ruin this man’s life, the woman gets the equivalent of the punishment for a few speeding tickets.

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Glenn Sacks,

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