What’s wrong with everybody in Berlin these days? First tons of folks on the right side of the political spectrum fail to show up on election day and effectively sell Tempelhof down the river – and nobody even has the decency to jammern (moan) or meckern (gripe) about it later – and now the folks on the left side spit in the eye of on an age-old Berlin tradition and refuse to senselessly riot and burn in the streets during Walpurgis Night, and this despite the recent renaming of a downtown street in Rudi Dutschke Straße, in their honor, so-to-speak.

No respect, I tell ya. Whatever happened to civil courage when it comes to grassroots referendums and the lack of it when it comes to mindless mob rule, however fleeting? Freedom and free-for-alls aren’t free, people. We, I mean you, must earn them and deserve them again and again or something. We all expect you to keep (or break) the promise of liberty and democracy where those before you have failed (or haven’t) and never forget that taxation without representation is like giving somebody the choice between liberty or death and that the British are still coming, too, but not here, of course.

I’m disappointed in y’all, Berlin. I don’t want this to happen (or not happen) again. Wake up and smell the coffee and start taking responsibility (or not) for your actions. And go out and get a job. But not today.

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