I’ve been invited to submit articles to this network and hope in the days, weeks and months ahead to shed some light on just where the hell I live, where we Saipanuvians are geographically, what our social and political status is, why on earth we would want to live out here in the middle of nowhere, and possibly even share some news from the Northern Marianas Islands and surrounding regions. 
Asia is close by and we are more than interested in what is happening there.  Saipan Island and the rest of the Marianas archipelago relies heavily on tourism as a key base of our economy so I’ll be clueing you in on some of the topics of interest out here where Asia meets America, (sort of). Political stability in Asia is important and causes us to keep a sharp eye on what is molding opinion and causing action there.  Micronesia is evolving at breakneck speed (in laid-back island terms) and is a subject of concern for many who live here on these tropical islands.  You may find it of interest too.  I hope so, and hope you find time to read these occasional missives.
Bruce A. Bateman
Saipan Island
Northern Marianas Islands

Eiditors Note – It is with great pleasure that BNN welcomes Bruce, and we look forward to learning more about this US Protectorate in paradise – Simon

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