I am a news junkie and rely on Google News to curate my news articles. I think they do a fine job. Of course if I find something of interest, I seek out other news sources to get different viewpoints. I do the same thing with TV news, for international news I like CNN International and the BBC. For domestic news pretty much anything other the Trump’s PR company Fox news will do.

What irks me about online news content are providers that implement a ‘read once’ paywall policy. They give you a limited number of articles each month and then Paywall the reader wanting a subscription to be paid.
Who does this? Well, lots of people, Wired, New York Times, Washington Post, LA times are a few of the bigger players. Wired for example allows 4 articles a month before you get shut out.

If you are unsure about what I am talking about, look at these two screen shots.

I click on the Election Day Story, and get

While I understand the need for newspapers to sell product and that print sales are down I hate this Paywall system. I straight up cannot afford to subscribe to all of the sites I use. Our cable bill is something over $160 a month and I watch less than 10 channels with any regularity. Media has become expensive. And most of it is rubbish.

Sorry I have digressed, back to the plot. There is a solution! The way that Web sites keep tabs on the number of articles you have read is via a ‘tracking cookie’, and there is a simple solution.

I use Firefox as my browser but I am sure other browsers have a similar function. At the top far right of the firefox screen is the Hamburger Icon

clicking on it will open the menu

Click on ‘New private window’.

This opens a new instance of Firefox, this instance will dump all tracking cookies when the session terminates. If you hover you mouse over the Firefox icon in the status bar, you will see both copies.

On the left is the original copy and of the right is the privacy enabled version.

This workaround will not work of a truly Pay-walled site, but is a great fix to the read one problem.

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