Tonight at Cindy and George Anthony’s home, squad cars from the police department eased their way through a crowd of protesters that were gathered there protesting Casey not being back in jail.

Detectives went inside while about 6 officers stayed outside to keep the people off the property. The front door opened and the cameras picked up Casey standing inside with the detectives and her mother Cindy Anthony. Finally detectives took Casey outside the house with her handcuffed and put her in the unmarked squad car and drove off.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s office Casey’s friend Amy, is pressing charges on Casey for stealing $700 worth of checks from her. She is claiming that Casey forged her name on checks and in fact one place has Casey on a surveillance tape from a Target and from Bank of America signing some of the checks. She also is accused of using Amy’s credit cards.

New charges are forgery, fraudulent use of personal information and petty theft.

A spokesman said that the arrest tonight and the other charges on Casey will be treated as two different cases. Apparently Casey is being held on these charges under a $3000 bond and her attorney seems to be working on bailing her out already. The bad news is she will more than likely be out again by tonight or tomorrow morning. They only have to come up with 10% of the bond which is only $300. I think now would be the perfect time for Leonard Padilla to change his mind yet one more time and revoke the first bond and make them keep her in jail.

Jose Baez has arrived at the Anthony home and he spoke to reporters. He said he was made aware of the possibility of this happening tonight. He said the police knew that there would be protesters there tonight so they planned it this way. He says he sent the police a fax saying if they plan on arresting his client he would surrender her and do this professionally. “This was grandstanding.” They knew the cameras and the press would be there and arriving with a half a dozen cars seemed overboard. He is saying the DNA tests can’t show if a person is dead or alive and he is accusing the police department of leaking all this information.

This man is still telling the public that there is a reason they will not disclose what Casey knows. When asked how come she isn’t talking he told the reporters that they are just assuming that she isn’t talking. I am so mad as I type this to think that this man thinks the world is stupid enough to believe this crap he is handing them. I honestly hope this man gets what he deserves when solid evidence against little prissy Casey Anthony is charged with  more serious charges that even he can’t afford to bail her out.

It is all about Casey! They are only worried about keeping her out of jail. That seems to be more important to them now. I think I need a drink now to calm my nerves down, or maybe two.

Before I close this I would like to say God Bless you Caylee, some may have forgotten you but there is a world of people out here that haven’t. We love you!

Jan Barrett

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