Assalamualaikum, Islamic Greetings of Peace

Peace Tv is a household name not only in Pakistan  but also  entire Muslim world.because it has presented a convincing picture of Islam through wise talks, debates and dialogues.

Infact Ijaz ul Haq, son of late Zia ul Haq, a minister in Musharaf’s government is a big fan of Dr.  Zakir Naik. He himself was eager to see that Peace tv should reach every Pakistan house.Even Nawaz Sharif likes Dr. Zakir Naik’s method of presenting Islam.There are big  names in Pakistan who love Dr. Zakir Naik and it includes Imran khan, half of Pakistan cricket team and  many people in the media.

But what you must know that the way  Zionist Jews control US media, the Shias also control Pakistan media. How many of us know this?according to reports 80% of people in   Pakistan newspapers and Tv are Shia. Amazing isn’t it?

That is why the comment on Yazid by Dr. Zakir Naik was hyped in media. The Shias could not tolerate that. As it is hundredsof Aga khanis and Boris were reverting back to Qur’an and sunnah through peace tv.So it is during Muharram that Peace Tv is blacked out As many channel operators too are Shia.

The way the shia maligned Dr. Zakir Naik via Yazid episode is something the Sunnis should take it seriously.I will give you another example to prove my point. We all know that Arab News belongs to Arabs i. e sunnis. Yet one of their shia reporter carried the story in Arab news after distorting the  true report . He picked up half story form DNA the popular news paper form Mumbai,  and left aside the paragraph written in favor of Dr. Zakir Naik. So we have a  prominent Arab newspaper splashing anti Zakir Naik story and making the Muslim world believe that something is wrong with Dr. Zakir Naik’s method of preaching.

The entire blame goes on Sunnis who remain away from media and allow pseudo Muslims like shias to  control their media and indirectly control their decisions, thoughts and choices through false propaganda and information.

What should we do as a genuine Muslims? Easy way out to solve our problems is to carve out careers in Media. Go through my blog  and see further information how we can do it and why?

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Nisaar Yusuf, The Author is a trainer in Islamic communications and PR of Islam. He can be reached at

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