The publication titled New Zealand Threat Classification System list was updated today and replaces the first edition done in October, 2002.

The new publication done by the New Zealand Department of Conservation updates the classification of 5819 plants and animals native to New Zealand. Around half of those 5,819 plants and animals are listed as threatened and the rest require more data to determine if they are threatened. 44 of those have had a significant change in their status, this is mainly thought to be because of more data available on their species.

The new list will be used to help the threatened plants and animals in the future and prioritise which are the most in danger.

Honourable Chris Carter, minister of conservation, said: “While New Zealand has shown the world that we are world leaders in habitat restoration and pest eradication, we must not become complacent. Human-induced threats and the introduction of predators and pests continue to plague our native species.”

The list is used by many people who want to help conserve New Zealand’s wildlife, and help reduce the risk of extinction to any of New Zealand’s native species of animals and plants.

Hon Carter said: “This list is an important tool used to guide the Department of Conservation and other organisations which focus on species conservation.”

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