Condom manufacturer, Durex is urging New Zealanders to sign up online to become one of a hundred condom testers. Already 3,000 New Zealanders, both men and woman, have already applied to become a condom tester, according to Durex.

Durex is attempting to recruit 100 New Zealanders to test their new line of condoms that are now free of latex.

The reason that Durex is recruiting New Zealanders to help them test their new condoms is because, according to their surveys, New Zealanders are adventurous in the bedroom. Victoria Potter, spokeswoman for Durex, said: “The overwhelming response to date from Kiwis has certainly proven this.”

The 100 needed people for their tests will be selected in two weeks time randomly, the final date for sending in applications is January 31, 2007.

The new condom that is being tested is called “Durex Avanti Ultima” and is free of latex because instead of latex, it is made of polyisoprene, the first of its kind in the world. Ms Potter said the new condom is “exceptionally” soft and will provide maximum confort. The new condom will appeal to those who are allergic to latex.

Ms Potter said: “By becoming a Durex Condom Tester, Kiwis have the opportunity to get steamy in the bedroom and try out another world-leading Durex condom, all in the aid of research.”

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