An Albany, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand Post shop and the surrounding roads were closed today due to an Internet magazine giving away free promotional “fart bombs” exploding while being sorted.

After the “fart bomb” exploded due other mail items were placed on top of the magazines, firefighters and a hazardous substance unit were called to the post office due to worried postal workers. The arrival of the firefighters resulted in the post shop and the surrounding roads closure at around 8.00 a.m. (NZDT). Mike McEnaney, acting deputy chief fire officer of the North Shore, said that the postal workers had no choice but to call the fire brigade when they noticed the smell. “Until you can identify what the substance is you have got the potential there for a hazardous chemical incident.”

Douglas Lyell, fire service officer, said that the postal workers described the smell as sulphur like. Mr McEnaney said that after the smell was identified, both firefighters and the postal workers kept a good distance. “It was definitely a smell of sulphur.”

Mr Lyell said that when the firefighters and the hazardous substance unit were able to trace the smell back to the burst “fart bomb” the post shop and surrounding roads were reopened.

Mr Lyell now asks the magazine to consider changing their packaging.

Fart bomb’ closes North Shore postal centre

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