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On Saturday, the New York Times web site reported that the New York Times (NYT) has obtained a “classified United States government report” that shows that insurgent groups in Iraq have become financially self-sufficient through activities such as oil smuggling, counterfeiting, phony charities and ransom payments for the return of kidnap victims. The story details amounts, strategies and methods; in short, everything that we know about terrorist financing operations.

There are two stories here: The information contained in the classified document and reported at the NYT web site makes an interesting story but the fact that the NYT has, once again, flaunted it’s total disregard for federal law and national security, and has once again shown its willingness to compromise whatever advantage our government might have over its enemies is by far the more significant story.

Just how far, I wonder, can the First Amendment be bent before it breaks.

Here is a one paragraph snippet from the NYT story:

“While such data may have been omitted to protect the group’s clandestine sources and methods, the document has a bold heading on the front page saying “secret” and a warning that it is not to be shared with foreign governments, several security and intelligence consultants said in telephone interviews that the vagueness of the estimates reflected how little American intelligence agencies knew about the opaque and complex world of Iraq’s militant groups.”

Obtaining an admittedly “secret” government document and reporting its contents to the world was, apparently, not enough of a story for the NYT, they transmitted this secret report to some unnamed “security and intelligence consultants” and proudly boasted that these consultants concluded that the report was vague and inconclusive and showed “how little American intelligence agencies knew about the opaque and complex world of Iraq’s militant groups.”

Thanks to the NYT we can all be assured that the Iraqi insurgents are very relieved to know how little we know about them — I mean, after all, we wouldn’t want them to worry about things like that!

Sadly, there are many who just nod their assent when the NYT claims that they only published this information because of the “public’s right to know;” and an entire army of journalists who will rush to their defense chanting “First Amendment, First Amendment . . ..”. Sadder still is the almost certain fact that the criminals who gave this report to the NYT will probably never see a day of jail time in a Federal prison.

Any way you look at it, the New York Times’ motive for publishing this information was not, as they will claim, to inform the public; their motive is their sheer contempt (proven time and time again) for President Bush and his administration and their desire to do anything in their power to make his administration look bad.

I will not assert that the NYT has a desire to aid and abet our country’s enemies but they would have to be pretty stupid not to see that this and other things they have done in the past (such as interfering with the government’s investigation of two Islamic Charities as referenced in this Associated Press report) have done just that.


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