Two Amish girls went to their roadside vegetable stand when a customer in a small white 4-door sedan pulled up. Apparently a witness claims they saw the driver of the car throw something in the back seat of the car and then they drove off, but when they did the two little girls were gone. The apparent abduction occurred on State Highway 812/ Mt. Alone Rd. in the town of Oswegatchie, New York in St. Lawrence County at about 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Both of the girls, 12 year old Fannie Miller and 6 year old Delia Miller have disappeared and unfortunately there are no photo’s of wither one of them since the Amish people do not have photos. With no photos available we have details description of each of the girls.

Fannie Miller is 12 years old and she has brown hair and brown eyes. She stands about 5 ft tall and she weighs about 90 pounds. She was last seen wearing a dark blue dress with a blue apron. She was also wearing a black bonnet. Fannie has been reported as being cross-eyed.

Delia Miller is 6 years old and she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is about 4 ft tall and she weighs about 50 pounds. She was last seen wearing a blue dress with a blue apron and she also wore a black bonnet. Delia is missing some of her front teeth and she has a round scar on her forehead.

The Police have received numerous leads on the case in northern New York which is close to the Canadian border. Deputies, troopers, forest rangers and even the Border Patrol have all been involved with the search for the girls.

Kevin Wells, St. Lawrence County’s Sheriff said that both the girls have heavy accents and they speak in the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect but the older girl does speak English.

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s department is asking that if anyone has any information concerning the abduction of these two little girls to please call them at 866-NYS-AMBER or call 911 to report information or if you have seen the girls.

I do pray that these two children are found soon and that they are alive and well. May God be with them both.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: Two missing Amish girls in northern New York were found alive tonight and the Amber Alert for them was cancelled.

The sisters were dropped off in the town of Richville, about 36 miles from where they were abducted, District Attorney Mary Rain said. The girls walked to the closest home and the man who opened the door immediately knew who the girls were because of news reports.

The two young girls have been reunited with their family. They “seem to be healthy,” but were “cold and wet,” the DA told ABC News, and that they are being interviewed by authorities.

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