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Happy New Year! 

There was such a good response to the Christmas Day Ron Paul map that it was decided to put one up for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
The RP Christmas message map had over 3000 messages, pictures and  wishes from all over the world. It was interesting as the map filled with pictures and messages from the USA, Japan, South Korea, many European countries and England, as well as wishes from South America and others.

The New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock’s been up for about 4 hours and the map just went up at 10:45 pm and it’s already added well-wishers.

There is a countdown clock to 2008 and a map to leave messages through the New Year.

Not at a party?

Not out traveling?

Or stuck in a Red Cross shelter, as thousands were in Colorado by the heavy snow and blizzards that blanketed the Rockies and Denver yesterday?

While away the time watching hundreds of fellow humans leave a little bit of themselves on the map.

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New Year Eve Countdown Clock and New Year World Map 


New Year Eve Countdown Clock and New Year World Map

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