It’s not just a Times Square thing

The whole country, obviously, can’t be in New York on New Years Eve, but people everywhere have some kind of celebration.  A growing number of cities and towns have their own version of the famous Ball Drop, and some of them are pretty unique.

Pennsylvania has the largest number of places that ‘drop’ things at the stroke of midnight.  Curiously, Philadelphia isn’t one of them.  Those that do, try to give the event a certain local flair.  Some are imaginative, and some are just plain weird.

Hershey, Pa., for example, drops a large Hershey’s Kiss, which is very fitting for Chocolate Town.  Dillsburg, Pa., by comparison, drops a giant pickle at the end of the countdown.  I guess they make a lot of pickles there.  Mechanicsburg drops a wrench [get it.. mechanic], while Shippensburg drops an anchor.  Quite possibly the most ingenius of the lot is Wilkes-Barre.  Their drop starts out as a huge lump of coal [it was, after all, a mining town] that turns into a sparkling diamond when it gets to the bottom.

Ocean City, Maryland, drops a beach ball, and Havre de Grace uses an oversized duck decoy.  They’re famous for carving those critters down there.  Point Pleasant, New Jersey, drops a mossbunker fish.  I don’t know what that’s all about, but then, I don’t know what a mossbunker is anyhow.  The most curious of the lot, and the one that gets a nod from Sid, is Brasstown, North Carolina.  They drop a live possum in a cage.  I’m going to take the military’s stance on this.  You know, don’t ask… don’t tell…

Full Story: CNS News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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