Well folks, in case you didn’t notice, it is a whole new year! And with every new year comes new year resolutions that most tend to forget just as soon as they make them!

But are you serious about this particular new year resolution and are they all about improving your online gambling career? Then check out the resolutions below and see how you can apply them and get your online gambling activities off to a stupendous start this new year!

Embrace Adventure And Thrills – online slots and the like are safe and do not present much of a risk. They can also get boring in a hurry. So this year why not experiment, try out new gambling activities, be they table games, craps, UK online scratch cards or what have you. Do this and your love for online gambling is bound to undergo a renaissance of unbelievable proportions!

Keep Records – keeping a record of wins and losses is tough. Still, it is vital, because without a record we will be unable to know if we are getting smashed or if Lady Luck has been giving us some serious romancing! So, be sure to unearth any old notebook of yours and repurpose it as a gambling journal. Alternatively, if you don’t want the missus to stumble upon the aforesaid journal and raise holy hell, you can utilize a computer spreadsheet. There, you can put down the amount won and lost, as well as the date and the casino in which this took place. A few seconds is all that’s required for this and the benefits are astounding.

Utilize Casino Bonuses And Promos – practically every online casino on the market has bonuses and promos. These can boost the amount won and deposited, apart from enhancing gameplay enjoyability. Incredible as it might seem, some players still disregard these bonuses and promos. This sort of behaviour must stop this New Year!

Time Yourself – online gambling is one activity that mysteriously makes time pass in a blur! It’s quite normal for an hour to seem like 2 minutes when gambling. This can easily result in missed appointments, going to bed very late, messing up the sleep pattern and lots more. To stop this in the new year, it is important to set a time limit BEFORE gambling. Once the alarm for this is heard, log off at once.

Guided Gambling – while success in gambling is due in a large part to luck, there are still lots of guides around that can increase the frequency and heft of wins. These guides are available at sites like AskGamblers and co and must be utilized this new year.

Explore Casinos – playing games at the same online casino can in time feel like a drag. So, why not check out other widely trusted online casinos, enjoy the varied bonuses and promos that come with them.

School Yourself On Casino Licenses – casino licenses have different levels. Knowing all about this and what they mean will come in handy this new year when you go searching for a new online casino to have sinful amounts of fun with!

Budget Your Fun – responsible gaming is all about staying within your limits and using available funds wisely. This means setting a budget and then sticking to it no matter what.

Act Like A Winner! – when wins happen and are cashed out, it is important that winners do not go crazy buying up every Ferrari in sight! Instead, they should think about putting most of the money in a nest egg and then partying with their blokes at the pub using the remainder.

Absolutely No Loss Chasing – after a loss, it can get mightily tempting to bet more and more in the hope of recouping the money lost. This sort of foolishness must end this year!

Have Fun Always – gambling is all about having fun and living on the edge. True? When it starts feeling like a chore, then it’s time to take a break and go smell the flowers. Or shoot off some more rockets in celebration of the New Year.

So what’s your new year resolution? Are they listed up there or what? If not tell us why, pronto!


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