A new world record attempt is taking place in Cardiff, Wales where a group of people hope to set the new record for the most people with the same family name gathered in one place at the same time. The group hopes to attract as many as 2,000 people with the family name of Jones to the event with people coming from so far away as Australia to help shatter the previous record of 583 people with the family name Norberg set in 2000 in Sweden. Anyone who wishes to enter the event will need to provide photo ID or a birth certificate to gain admittance. Guinness officials will be on hand for the event. The people who attend will be entertained by a wide variety of acts, all of which are named Jones. Headlining the event will be 80’s pop icon and former Bond girl, Grace Jones.

The reason why Wales was chosen for the event is because Jones is the most common last name in Wales. According to census records, 13.5% of people in Wales have the last name Jones. It’s also the second most common surname in Britain, and the fourth most common surname in the US. “We are hoping to consign the Norbergs to the dustbin of world record history,” said the organizer of the Jones extravaganza, Dylan Hughes.

Jonesing for a world record (Reuters)

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