In another breathtaking performance by the standing world champions, the neue Länder (new states, as in Eastern states) of Germany have once again broken the world record for feeling victimized and politically disenfranchised.

Although currently up against incredible odds (a booming economy, lower unemployment, continued pampering due to the all too cautious steps at structural reform taken by the current coalition government they elected) the “Ossis”, also refered to as “Jammerossis” (the miserable, lamenting Ossis), pulled in from behind to fall back even further behind and are now down to a mere 18% of their population that believes that “the people have something to say.”

A full 90 percent of the Ossi population believes that “no consideration is given to the interests of the people” by their government. Only 5 percent of those questioned believe that one could “strongly influence” political developments through elections. And although their cousins in the Western states were actually favored by many to win this season, and performed admirably in the preliminary competition (reaching a new best high low of 82 percent feeling disenfranchised), they had to accept a disappointing second place in the end.

The only noticeable Lichtblick (sign of light) on the horizon is the realization that the Germans have been able to at least prove to themselves that they can in fact pull together as a nation when they really need to: They are once again vacation Weltmeister, too. Ossis included, of course.

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