A recent study commissioned by Liz Claiborne, Inc. and loveisrespect.org has uncovered a scary trend of abuse in teen relationships. According to study results, about 69% of teenagers have experienced some form of abuse in their relationships. A little more than one-third of teens said that they had been physically abused by a significant other.

The survey also revealed that 10% of teenagers had become sexually active by the age of fourteen. The percentage of sexually active teens aged 15 or 16 was double that.
Jane Randel, VP of Corporate Communications for Liz Claiborne, Inc., said that “parents don’t know what’s going on” when it comes to teenage relationships. Liz Claiborne, Inc. supports Love Is Not Abuse, a program aimed at educating people of all ages about relationship abuse.

“What makes this data so disturbing is the clear and unexpected finding that dating abuse and violence begins at such a young age,” Randel stated.

The study, conducted by researchers at Teenage Research Unlimited, revealed that teenagers, or “tweens,” rarely share information about their relationships with their parents. Most parents surveyed claimed that they knew “a lot” or “everything” about their teenage son or daughter’s relationship.

Most teens, however, claim that they only share details related to their romantic relationships with their close friends and not with their parents.

The National Association of Attorneys General passed a resolution in June that would facilitate cooperation between schools and state government to create new education programs related to teen relationships and violence.

For additional information, visit teenrelationships.org. For statistics related to various teenage behaviors, check out the SADD website. Related article courtesy of CNN.com.

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Nicolette Kuff is a freelance writer from Upstate NY.

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