WHITE RABBIT Written by Maxine Russell, the mother of murdered American teacher Darren (“White Rabbitt”) Russell, this cautionary site is evolving into a valuable information resource on teaching in China. Drop in and visit and send suggestions for making this a needed stop prior to teaching in China…. from the foreword on the site: Welcome to Teaching in China.net My son, Darren Russell, left to teach in China on December lst, 2004. He loved the country and its people and wanted to make a difference in this world. Darren and I developed many friendships in China. Out of dedication to his students he endured an “English Sweatshop” situation. The entire contract he was promised on the internet, turned out to be a complete fraud. The “school” owner held his passport illegally and never got him the proper work-permit visa. After the “owner” refused to lower Darren’s work load from 7 to 6 days per week (He was teaching 1,200 students per week, grades 1-12) he quit. The “owner” ordered him out of his apartment, sending him to harm’s way almost 1 1/2 – 2 hours from any familiarity and support. He was robbed immediately and ultimately brutally murdered by the hands of others on April 14, 2005. He pleaded with the U.S. Consulate after being robbed, hungry, and sick to bring him to safety at either the U.S. Consulate or airport. But his pleas were ignored by the Chinese National taking his emergency calls. I hope these precautions can help other teachers going to China. Nothing will bring my precious son back, but if I can raise awareness and help others, that will give me great peace.

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