On the fitting day of July 7, 2007, the new seven wonders of the world were announced after months of voting at www.new7wonders.com which ended at 6 p.m. ET Friday. Over 90 million votes were cast for 21 sites. They were then announced at a lavish ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday which featured performances by Jennifer Lopez and Chaka Khan and hosted by Hilary Swank, Ben Kingsley, and Bollywood star Bipasha Basu. The seen winners announced include:

¨ The Great Wall of China

¨ Petra in Jordan

¨ Brazil’s statue of Christ the Redeemer

¨ Peru’s Machu Picchu

¨ Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid

¨ The Colosseum in Rome

¨ India’s Taj Mahal

The 21 nominated attractions were made public for voting in early June. Among these, the oldest was Stonehenge in England, and the newest was Australia’s Sydney Opera House. All of the competitors had to have been built or discovered before 2000, and they are all among the top tourist attractions around the world. After these were announced, voting doubled to about 50 million votes being cast. Voters were able to vote multiple times. However, some complain that the campaign was not universally recognized. The United Nations’ cultural organization UNESCO claimed to have no link to the voting ballots. Many of the votes came from text messaging, and the others were from the website.

Now, the Seven Wonders site is holding a contest to choose the top seven wonders of nature. Nominations are being considered until August 8, 2008. A list of 21 candidates will be chosen from a panel of experts, and then final voting will begin. The rules maintain that the natural site may not have been created or significantly altered by humans. Physical or natural phenomena like the northern lights, gulf stream, or shooting stars are not eligible. The nominations must fit into one of the following categories: natural site, natural monument, or landscape, animal reserve canyon, fjord cave, grotto coastline, cliff forest, wood geological site ,glacier mountain, volcano, rocks, nature conservancy park oasis, deserts, prehistoric natural site, underwater world, reef water, sea, lake, river, waterfall, or other.


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