susan-powell.jpgThe West Valley Police started up a new search for Susan Powell in the mountain area of Ely, Nevada this past week after they say they received what they called “credible information” bringing them there.

Susan Powell is the 28 year old Utah mother of two small children that disappeared on December 6, 2009. Her husband, Josh Powell claims that he had taken his two sons in the middle of the night camping, but the strange part of that is the night in question there was a heavy blizzard. Who in their right minds would take two children ages 2 and 4 camping in the middle of a blizzard? Josh claimed that Susan didn’t go with them camping that night because she wasn’t feeling well. He told the police that he had not seen his wife since that night.

Susan’s purse and cell phone was still at her home and so was her car. Josh is saying that his wife left him and their kids on her own free will. He thinks she is alive somewhere and that she ran away with a boyfriend, even naming a man, Steven Koecher, who also disappeared in the same month as Susan did. He described his wife as being “extremely unstable.”

The new search was in the rocky hillsides and abandoned mine tunnels in the Nevada desert. There was no indication as to what they were looking for specifically. The media was invited to accompany the police during their search but the reporters were not told what they were looking for.

West Valley Police Sgt, Mike Powell said, “The specific of the search warrant, I’m not able to address. I’m not able to answer that directly at this point. What I can tell you is obviously things don’t happen overnight.”

Now the search has been called off and they are calling it “successful” even though they won’t comment on what discoveries they may have made or is they have even found anything. Calling the search a success would make one think they have found something significant to the case but sources did confirm that no human remains were found.

The announcement to call the search off was made during a rally Saturday which ended up in a shouting match between Susan’s father, Chuck Cox and Josh Powell’s father, Steve Powell in what they called a vicious war of words. Apparently Cox was passing out fliers when Steve Powell arrived and was verbally accusing Cox of spreading lies about his son and of being a “cyberbully”. In return Powell accused Cox of being unbelievable.

Since Susan Powell disappeared the police have maintained that Josh Powell was their only person of interest in the case. He hasn’t been very cooperative with the investigation though. Some say the man acts very strangely about it all. Now he is saying he will not talk to the police on the matter. He says he wants to speak to the FBI but only if his attorney is there and if the FBI will agree to pay the attorney fees.

Now I tend to agree with others as to what makes this man think he can make such demands on the authorities especially since he is considered a person of interest in the case and could possibly become their prime suspect.

Powell says if he has any leads in his wife’s disappearance he will send it to the West Valley Police but he says he refuses to have a sit-down with them. Josh Powell says if they want to find his wife they should post her picture in beauty supply stores and salons. He said she enjoyed cosmetology and she likes helping others to style their hair. He said she liked buying beauty supplies.

He claims he has no fears of being arrested but he is worried that the West Valley City Police Department’s search in Ely could have given them a perfect opportunity to fabricate evidence against him. He claims he has never even been to Ely. “It occurred to me they were planting something in Ely so they could magically show it to the media,” he claimed.

There needs to be some answers found here. Susan’s two small children deserve to know what happened to their mother. Did she walk away from them and her husband for another man or was their foul play. I tend to believe there was foul play. I can’t see a devoted mother (as she was described by family and friends) walking away from her babies like that. I do pray that the police find the answers soon. If she is alive somewhere, I pray she comes out of hiding and faces her children. If she is dead somewhere, she needs to be found and laid to rest properly. Her children need to know who did this to her and why would they take their mother away from them.

My prayers are with these two children. They are the ones that are suffering the most here. May God be with them both.

Jan Barrett

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