It has been reported that mesothelioma patients that need to have treatment could benefit from air transportation as part of a new program, which means that they could have access to top cancer centres around the country. The new scheme could mean that malignant mesothelioma patients could benefit from the best treatment as a result of being flown to top cancer centers.

Local clinics and medical facilities do provide many excellent treatment options for patients, but there are cases where the most appropriate treatment may be at a hospital or facility that is only within reach by air, and this is where the program could help some mesothelioma patients that would otherwise suffer.

The scheme is being organised by various volunteer and charity groups including Pilots for Patients, Angel Flight, and Corporate Angel Network. The scheme will mean that those that may not be able to travel to centres that are too far out, or are too sick to travel via regular transport, may now be able fly there to get the treatment that they need.

One official said: “This is great news for many mesothelioma patients, as it means that even if the treatment that they need is at a centre located miles away they could still get to the location and get the best treatment possible.”

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