david schussler

I saw a new ad for Pringles today where some beautiful fruits and veggies were blown up just to show how explosive the crunch and taste of the chips are. Unfortunately for me, and I am guessing for many others, this ad demonstrated the lack of sensitivity some corporate heads have for the poor and undernourished of the world today. Worse yet all of those good and healthy foods were wasted when needy people could have used them to good advantage. What kind of lesson is this giving to our children?
We as a nation are already making bad choices with our diets as demonstrated by the new studies that show how overweight and unhealthy we are becoming. Sure! Blow up the good and healthy foods and substitute the crap. This wasteful and illogical attitude that permeates our advertising, TV, and movies in general, should, just on a moral level, be curtailed.
As an adult I can watch the media and make common sense decisions but these ads are geared to seven year olds who may not think about the consequences of bad decisions yet and who depend upon us to guide them.
We have become a society of impulse and instant gratification and as parents and advisors it behooves us to make proper decisions ourselves so we can be good examples to our youth.
The ad is out and there is nothing we can do about it now but we can bring it to the attention of our kids. We can let them know that there are those who would waste our treasures and blow a good opportunity to help the needy just to make a few bucks and pervert the ideals of our nation as they do so.
I’m not going to buy Pringles for a long time, or ever again, because of this thoughtlessness. Hopefully many others will do the same. That is one way we can wake those corporate fools up.


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