Anyone, including our children, can understand that there is a problem with an exploding pet population in our country. My own dog was deserted on my country road before he became my best friend. Stupid sarcasm, however will not solve the problem. Only personal responsibility can change things.

In some communities children are having children and most remain fatherless and grow up without the moral turpitude to prevent future generations from perpetuating the cycle. Current welfare programs and other entitlements actually reward child bearing, single parenting, and laziness. Is it any wonder that there is a pet problem?

Why not spay and neuter our children? We can raise them not to have kids and instead to adopt. After all, there are millions of unwanted children all over the world who need a good home. Hey PETA! Why not show an ad depicting homeless unwanted children being euthanized? (It probably crossed your minds).

If we could dog or cat speak, would we tell our pets to go out and have sex with anything that moves? No! So why show an ad advising our kids to do that? Is that being responsible? Why not open food kitchens, round up all of the strays, and cook them and feed them to the needy as some other countries do? That would make a great cynical ad, PETA.

Those who support PETA should take note. These ignorant advertisements, while witty, are sending the wrong message and wasting your time and well earned money. They are betraying your trust with these ridiculous ads. Our furry friends deserve our respect for the service, company, and pleasure they give us. Some deserve the opportunity to complete their life cycle by reproducing and having a family just as our children deserve the same respect, at least.

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