On Monday I received a message from author Mondo Frazier, would I be interested in reading his new book The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama. ‘it hits the book stores on Tuesday Oct/25’, I said that I would be delighted to eyeball it.

It arrived by overnight by my friends at UPS early this morning.

I knew that Mondo Frazier was not a great fan of Barack Obama, so I assumed that this would be some self published odyssey that would wither on the Amazon vine selling 20 copies.

We are told to not judge a book by its cover. As a reviewer, I disagree, there is much to be gleaned about a book from its cover. The one thing that I spotted right of the bat was that this book was on a Simon & Schuster imprint. To get a house like S&S to even talk to you takes an act of congress! For them to publish a book written by a relatively unknown author boggles this reviewers mind!

I have only read a few pages, but I have a feeling that The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama and the name Mondo Frazier are going to pretty well known in the coming days and weeks.

I like a book that sets the ‘hook’ for the reader early. Mondo achieves this on page one.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

Nothing in the last fifty years – make that the last 235! – has demonstrated the phenomenon of social mania, the madness of crowds, or the irrational behavior as clearly as the events that led to the election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama.

There is no beating around the bush, he just goes for the jugular.

More soon.

Simon Barrett

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