Attention! ATTENTION! Now Hear This!

Bill Richardson is running for president.

How do I know?

Well, he’s trying to outlaw cockfights in New Mexico.
The “animal rights” people get in a tizzy about cockfighting, but here in SE Asia, it is almost a religion. Here in the rural Philippines, many houses, including those of our relatives, have hen houses with breeders, or at least a fighting cock sitting outside under his small umbrella, tied by the leg with a leash to prevent him from running away.

They run TV shows here with cockfighting, and advertise the best feeds for your rooster.

It’s not just a sport: if your cock wins, it is like winning a lottery.

What I never knew was that it was still legal in some US states. Oklahoma banned it in 1992, and if New Mexico bans it that will leave only Louisiana.

Now, there are several “ethnic” groups in New Mexico, including the “old” Mexicans (living there for 300 years), new Mexicans (recent immigrants) Anglos (often California Yuppies) Texans (and other “old” Anglos, usually ranchers or miners) and the Indians.

So one suspects Richardson is pandering to the California Anglos in the move.

Yet even the USATODAY article notes that the real reason for the proposed ban is Richardson’s plan to run for president. Yes, that sounds about right.

You see, Richardson has Mexican American roots, and cockfighting tends to be a Mexican sport. Why should he go against his own ethnic heritage except to please the animal lovers in mainstream America?

Let it be noted that I love Richardson, am a Democrat, and loathe Cockfighting.

But with all the troubles in the world, making an issue about a quick death of a chicken seems to me the height of absurdity.

Maybe they could suggest a compromise: Give the little birds protective vests and place tiny gloves on their feet, as proposed by Frank Shurden when Oklahoma outlawed cockfighting in 2002.

Nah. Eating the loser is just part of the sport.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician who lives in the rural Philippines,where cockfighting is widespread. Her and her husband have six dogs, three cats, two non fighting roosters, and a large extended family. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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