A new law has been proposed in the state of Indiana. It’s being proposed by Indiana’s Attorney General Steve Carter and it’s designed to keep sexual offenders off of such social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Attorney General Carter says…

“It’s not against the law in Indiana’s for registered sex offenders to be on the same social sites that are children are.”

Those aims are very admirable however the proposed law is flawed at best.

According to the proposed law registered sex offenders would be required to give their usernames and e-mail addresses to authorities. Other states like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have proposed similar legislation.

The problems with laws like this is that they’re incredibly easy to circumvent. A registered sex offender could easily just sign up for any social site using a different e-mail address than the ones they supplied to police. It would be incredibly easy to do with the multitude of free e-mail services out there like G-Mail and Hotmail. Also the law does nothing to protect minors from sex offenders who have yet to be caught.

Legislation like this is nothing more than feel good legislation that in my opinion is jumping on a hot button issue that the general public for the most part really does not understand. In my opinion it’s grandstanding that looks to secure re-election for state attorneys general.

What these laws do not address are clueless parent6s who leave their underage children traipse through the internet unabated. That’s because those are the people who vote.

(Trench Reynolds blogs about crimes related to social networks at MyCrimeSpace.)

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