zahra.jpgA new law goes into effect today that makes it illegal to dismember or desecrate a body to conceal it from the police in North Carolina now which was triggered after little 10 year old Zahra Baker was killed and her body was dismembered and her body parts were scattered out in order to cover her murder up.

To be perfectly honest I don’t understand how come it has to be written in the laws that cutting up someone’s corpse would be illegal, it should automatically be known to be against the law. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Elisa Baker was charged with second degree murder after doing this to her step-daughter, but would she have been charged differently had she not cut the body up? I doubt that because murder is murder no matter what.

Cutting that child up as she did only showed more disrespect to the dead than ever, if you ask me. But what would have been the difference in her sentencing had the law been valid at the time? District Attorney Jay Gather said it could have added 7 more years of jail time for Baker, but in all honesty for what this woman did, she should have gotten life without benefit of parole. Actually death would be more appropriate, and that is without this new law.

caylee.jpgThe same goes with the Caylee Anthony law making it illegal to wait to report your child missing more than 48 hours after they were last seen. Well common sense should tell any parent not to wait one hour much less 48 hours to call 911 if their 2 year old child disappears and you have no idea where they are.

Why does there have to be a law saying that you have to in order to stop it? What is wrong with people these days? Adults that do things like this are worst than a child being told they can’t have a cookie yet they grab one anyway.

Although I know the intentions of making these new laws are meant to help but do we really think it will make a difference? If the law said you have to report your child missing within 48 hours in Florida, do we really think Casey would have obeyed the law? Would Elisa Baker have reconsidered dismembering little Zahra’s body, before disposing the parts, if the law would have been in effect that it was against the law? Unfortunately I don’t think so. After all, murder has been against the law since who knows when, yet someone kills someone everyday, and it being against the law doesn’t stop them.

I don’t know what makes someone want to kill another human being, but it really is hard to understand how a mother or father could possible kill one of their own children. Children are given to us by God as a gift to cherish, not to abuse or harm.

With the Christmas season approaching us I would like to send my well wishes to the families that have lost a loved one or that a love one has disappeared and not been found yet. It has to be hard normally but around the holidays it must be even harder and my heart does go out to all of you. Unfortunately the list is too long to name all of those still missing but I do still pray for all of them and the family they left behind to look for them. God bless all of them.

Jan Barrett

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