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State seeks snappy symbol

Despite all its history and sometime notoriety, New Jersey is looking to firm up its identity, and a group named Celebrate New Jersey is taking on the task.  They want to come up with a symbol to place on highway signs that would confirm without a doubt where a visitor is.  Has that ever been a problem?  Being sandwiched between two of the largest cities in the country, New York and Philadelphia, how many folks are out there, really, who don’t know where Jersey is?

We’re guessing that even if you surveyed a nomadic tribe in some far off desert, someone in the group will recognize the home state of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, or Tony Soprano.  It’s even been noted that a trip along the Jersey Turnpike, probably through Newark, prompted Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz to utter “We’re not in Kansas anymore…”

Even so, in the interest of pride in the state, we’d like to offer a few suggestions below.

News Source: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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