Information technologist Slavisa Pesci is looking to join Dan Brown as the master of controversy by announcing that he has discovered yet another hidden image in Leonardo’s famous painting the “Last Supper.” He says that superimposing the painting with its mirror image shows a picture that has an added figure who looks like a Templar knight and another holding a small baby. This evidence supports Dan Brown’s novel which suggests that Jesus and Mary Magdelene were married and had a child together. According to Pesci, this does not necessarily mean that the baby is Christ’s child who appears to his left. Also, Judas, the betrayer in the picture, appears in an empty space on the left in the reverse image. There is also a goblet sitting in front of Christ and depicts the first Eucharist taking place. The theory has already appeared on Da Vinci-themed websites such as,, and, generating millions of hits and peaking interests of art and history buffs everywhere.

Meanwhile, a year after its release, the filmmakers who produced Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code,” into a movie is being investigated by Italian state authorities who claim the novel is obscene from a religious perspective. A complaint against the film was filed earlier this year by a group of clergy near the Italian village of Civitavecchia, and a criminal investigation is being pursued. About 10 people are involved in the accusations including the film’s director Ron Howard and author Dan Brown. The case will be brought to court in the village near Rome, but a judge could throw out the charges. Otherwise, the state prosecutor is planning on investigating it. If found guilty, the defendants will have a criminal record in Italy, would face a minimum jail time of three months and a maximum of three years, and a 103 euro fine equal to about $139. They cannot be extradited for the charges but can be apprehended if in Italy.

Though the film and book have been criticized by religious groups worldwide, this is the first time any legal action has been taken against either. There is no word on why the clergy took so long to take legal action against the defendants. It may also hinder the making of the film, “Angels and Demons,” the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code” which is currently in its pre-production stage.

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