With Iowa now in the history books, our intrepid wannabes move on to the next battleground New Hampshire. The sore losers from Iowa are already in high gear. Of course the tactic is the now standard one of negative advertising. Rather than ‘Vote for me because I am going to do whatever’, it is ‘Do not vote for (insert name) because he is an idiot’. I am sure that the American people are getting very tired of this approach.

A great example of this tactic comes from the Clinton camp, in a less than gracious diatribe about Barack Obama she tells us “I know that the next president will embody the hopes and dreams of all of us, but I also know that they cannot be false hopes.”

Even the Republicans decided that a little bit of Obama bashing. Mitt Romney, no doubt happy that for once he was not in the corner defending his religious beliefs, had this to say “Did you listen to Barack Obama? He is a new face, but gosh when you listen to what comes out of his mouth. It’s like, ‘We’re going to just get our troops out of Iraq, have you thought about the consequences?”

I am sure that in the next 48 hours we are in for some very ‘quotable’ quotes. It is only a matter of time before someone puts their foot in their mouth, but who is it going to be?

Simon Barrett


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