The PCSO statement that was sent out this morning is actually quite an interesting one. A statement prompted by BNN’s first article. There is one part in particular that is very noteworthy.

Due to the sensitivity of this investigation, the name of the person providing the tip and the physical evidence alleged to be in this area, will not be released.

I spoke to the tipster earlier today. And I can say he was very surprised when I introduced myself. The PCSO want to keep his identity out of the press for the time being, and I can certainly understand why. The ensuing feeding frenzy would put a bunch of starving sharks to shame! I for one have been pondering the significance of this persons identity all morning and it leads to a very intriguing possible chain of events that does tie directly to one of the folks currently experiencing the hospitality of the Florida jail system.

A discovery was made at around 9pm last night, and although the person opted not to share the details, it does seem that some form of physical evidence was found. The tipster has agreed to talk with me later. I will say this, this was no random find by a random person.

I have also been asked not to reveal the exact location of the search, but it does involve a boat ramp on the St. Johns river that is not very far from where Haleigh Cummings disappeared from. The PCSO do have the area cordoned off from prying eyes. But how long they will be able to keep the location under wraps can be measured in minutes.

Simon Barrett

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