A green cellphone has just gone on sale in Japan that converts sunshine into battery power. It’s called a Strap-Ya phone because users have a wrist strap that powers them up. It’s a great looking, smart device.

The product received raving reviews not least because energy usage and gadget acquisitions are being connected increasingly by green-hungry consumers. If the Strap-Ya phone was developed to to play into this, the marketers certainly delivered on their goal. “I’ve seen few practical solar designs for recharging phones, however, this latest product from Strap-Ya may be something worth looking into”, according to a writer at Coolest Gadgets.

The technology that is used is carried as a strap around your wrist. The fashionable little solar panel is connected to a booster device. If the sun puts in an appearance this boosts your phone’s battery by 25 minutes on average. Unless you lie on the beach in full sunblast conditions for up to ten hours, the booster won’t fully charge your battery. But in gadget land, this is considered quite useful.

The booster’s shelf life is set at 500 times. Considering the length of time people use their phones, that might be quite realistic. The phone also comes with a net adapter. Solar powered cellphones are few and far between thus far. But that’s silly because technology converting solar power into energy is quite easy to apply to electronics devices. There have been ample calculators that come solar panel powered for over twenty years.

Angelique van Engelen is a journalist covering environmental issues. She runs http://amplifiedgreen.wordpress.com, a blog covering the implications of micro green issues in macro perspectives.

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