Jammeh warned!!! By Voice of Democrats, New Gambian Student Body.

Mr. Editor, Please give we the Voice of Democrats a space in your widely read on-line newspaper to send a message to all Gambians. It reads: Fellow Gambians, We the Voice of Democrats are young people who are quite aware of what is going on in this country. We are concerned about the welfare and the well being of students and the people of the Gambia. Fellow young people, Jammeh fooled us with his so called free education for girls. What I know is free education means school fee paid in full with two sets of uniforms, a dozen of exercise books, pencils, pens and free text book allocation. What is two hundred and seventy dalasis going to do for someone. I wonder what our prexy is trying to do. Students are out there suffering to go to school on time eachday. GPTC is completely out and there are no more school buses. Jammeh is talking about achieving the Millenium Development Goals, which includes achieving education for all by 2015 and students cannot get to school on time to learn. This is really misterious. May be he is going to use his knowledge of herbs to attain education for all just like the way he got his so called AIDS cure. Readers, I am greatful that the judgement to be passed on tomorrow at the court martial is leaked. It is against the Universal Declaration of Human’s Right to sentence people to death or capital punishment. Gambia is a part of the United Nations and claims to be a democratic country. We have a dictator as a leader. Bunja Darboe, Yaya Darboe and co were brutally tortued. This is against article 5 of the Universal Declaration on Human’s Right. Jammeh should read these documents over again. We need freedom of the press. Let Fatoumatta Jaw Manneh free; let Lamin Fatty of Independence Newspaper go and tell us who killed Deyda Hydara. In the case of Lamin, bring Samba Bah to testify in court to make things clear if he wrote to observer. Anyone could have written something and sends it to observer. Jammeh, you are a villain and your tyranny must be brought to a halt. Fellow Gambians, we have more in store for you but we will keep it till another time. Thanks and democracy for all. Voice of Democrats

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