News Item:
San Francisco drafting legislation for
ID cards for illegal aliens

Plans are in the works to create city identification cards for immigrants who are unable to get other forms of ID.  The cards would be accepted by all agencies and organizations that receive city funding.  Proposed services would include libraries, golf courses, public transportation, and health care.

Now if you aren’t sitting there at this very moment going “Now wait just a blankety blank minute!”, you’re either an illegal, or what you just read hasn’t sunk in yet, so let’s review…

Proposed services:
Do you get a free library card where you live?  Yep, me too.
Do you get to play golf for free on a public course?  Me neither.
How long since you got a free ride on a train or a bus?  That long huh?
What does your health insurance cost per year?  Mine’s not free either.

There are reasons certain things require a valid ID, and one of those reasons is proof of citizenship.  We legally take in more immigrants now than any other country in the world, and those who follow the path to legal immigration and citizenship earn [earn] the right to be here.  My grandparents did it, and somewhere along the line your ancestors did also, because we are a nation of immigrants.  Each generation brings to us their best and their brightest, and they are proud of what they accomplish.  Climbing under a fence or wading a river shouldn’t be rewarded in kind.

News Source: SF Gate

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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