In his first major role outside of the “Harry Potter” series, actor Daniel Radcliffe shows a different side in the new film “December Boys,” scheduled for release in September 2007. It is the story of four friends on the verge of growing up who are about to discover how much it means to be family. Growing up as orphans at a covenant in the Australian outback, they are sent to the seaside one summer where they end up meeting a couple who cannot have children of their own. When one of the boys, Maps, falls for a girl down the coast, the rest of the boys compete to be the most adoptable. The movie progresses with their friendship challenged as feelings of rejection surface. But through their strong bonds, the boys overcome their petty rivalries and they learn the real feeling of family, friendship and love.

The movie is directed by Rod Hardy, with a screenplay by Marc Rosenberg adapted from Michael Noonan’s novel, “December Boys.” The cast includes Daniel Radcliffe as Maps, Christian Byers, Lee Cormie and James Fraser. It is rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity, and underage drinking & smoking.

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