As violence grows within Iraq and discontent builds in America, the President has decided now is the time to take action. A new exit strategy is being prepared by the Pentagon which would hand control over to Iraqi security forces. This is an important step for the administration who has been reluctant to address the issue of an exit strategy previously.

Despite these recent developments, don’t expect a massive withdrawal anytime soon. American troops will need to be phased out gradually as Iraqi security forces learn to operate independently. Many people feel the best strategy will focus on relocating American troops to nearby countries such as Kuwait, which would allow for immediate access if American intervention became necessary.

This announcement could be an important step for the administration in addressing the Iraq War for voters in the upcoming elections. By far the most difficult issue for Republican candidates in swing districts has been what many people now refer to as a “failed war.” The President has been criticized for being stubborn and unwilling to admit the mess Iraq has really become. The drafting of a new exit strategy shows at least a partial admission that our current course of action is not working. It is not yet known when the exit strategy will be put into action.

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