[Below are two quotes taken from the article detailing Rudy Giuliani’s tendency to associate with and promote crooks — even to the highest positions in the nation.

Those of us who experienced him as our mayor became increasingly disenchanted as time wore on. He was manifestly a bully. His vaunted record as a Federal Prosecutor had many holes — suits messed up against major crime figures. He was, himself, promoting guys that looked both unqualified and crooked to key posts as the article below indicates. His treatment of his own family was appalling — announcing his new girl friend and plan to divorce to the media rather than to his family — his children want to have nothing to do with him. He messed up NYC security prior to 9/11 — placing his emergency headquarters at ground zero which had been threatened and attacked a few years earlier. He then strode around the city making big while allowing the workers on the pile to put their lives at risk. One of them with lung damage showed me the threatening letter they had all received from him — one sentence of thanks with a page and a half of legal threats should they try to benefit from their situation (word of their lung damage must have been getting out — the pile was smoldering out poisons for months as they tried to clear it — many were cheated out of pay).

Watch the Rudy story emerge — there is a tale to be told and, I assume it will be in good time. The mob planned to assassinate him, he claims, and then changed it mind? Interesting. Ed Kent}


“I wonder if he noticed how much becoming part of his team resembled becoming part of a mafia family,” Mr. Kerik wrote. “I was being made.”

“Rudy can fall for people big time, and sometimes qualifications are secondary to loyalty,” said Fran Reiter, a former Giuliani deputy mayor who now supports Hillary Clinton. “If he gets it in his head he trusts you, he is extremely loyal.”

Loyal to Kerik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs
New evidence suggests Rudolph W. Giuliani overlooked
disturbing information as he supported Bernard B. Kerik.


“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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