Cyber Laws is an enigmatic subject for technologists. They create  Cyber Space but some body else create laws for the same and ride over technologists. This often creates confrontation between the technologists and law enforcement. This conflict is most evident in the filed of Interent laws. Internet space which was created by technologists as a communication space with anonymity and freedom being the pillars of foundation is today bound by various laws. Some are good and required for the business use of Cyber Space. Some represent ways of exploitation.

It is therefore necessary for technologists to understand Cyber Laws. But explaining the legal concepts in a manner that technologists would appreciate is a challenge. Naavi has tried to address this aspect through his latest E Book titled “Cyber Laws for Engineers”  which was launched today.  Keeping technologists in mind, the Book contains discussions on basic aspects of law and also has a focus on Cyber Law Compliance.

The book contains a total of 734 pages and in order to make it reader friendly, it has been rendered in a flip book format so that pages can be turned from right to left or left to right. There is also a search facility to take the reader to a particular page.

Most E Books are published in PDF format. While this has universal compatibility, reading a long E book in plain PDF format is a pain.  Also some E Books require special readers to be used.

This  book has been rendered in a self extracting  and a reader friendly format with a page turning effect instead of the plain PDF format.

One of the flip sides of such rendition is that the book is presented in  executable format. It is to be seen how this format would be received by the readers.

Another issue that these types of E Books confront is the relatively large size of the files. Keeping the file sizes in mind, the book has been divided into Six volumes including one volume exclusively on ITA 2008.

Will the eye pleasing page turning effect be a good incentive for readers to ignore the uncomfortable executable format and large files? … Probably the response to this E Book will reveal the public preferences in this regard.

Two sample E-books have been provided for readers to test the compatibility of their system to the E-books to avoid any disappointments after purchase.

Yet another challenge in E Book publishing is right pricing. This book as a cmplete set of six volumes  is priced at Rs 500/- (Around US$10.00).  It remains to be seen if this is the right price.

More information is available at

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