There is little doubt that the death of Caylee Anthony stirred emotions not just across the country, but also world wide. Big media was all over the story like gravy on rice. For months (seemingly years) it was the food ticket for the likes of Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchel, and a host of other dubious types. “Breaking News” Nancy would tell the audience, “Tonight we have an exclusive interview with someone that might be related to a guy that once helped Tot Mom Casey Anthony change a tire on the Sunfire car at the very center of the investigation”.

It was ‘twaddle’ then, but it was ‘twaddle’ that got the ratings up.

Alas, the wonderful world of Mass Communicating (Watch O’ Brother) polarized an entire segment of the populous. Camps started to form, and much like real world conflicts, partnerships, infighting, and mayhem ensued. Casey was a killer espoused one side, George did it, says another fraction. It was the damn meter reader, it was the man in the moon! Bit by awful bit, these folks have formed themselves into two basic camps, Casey is innocent, or, Casey is guilty.

For quite some time I have been watching the fun unfold. Jeff Ashton’s book merely poured gas on the whole deal. I have yet to talk to an attorney that has anything good to say about how the prosecution handled the case.

This is all water under the bridge. You cannot undo what has been done.

A new Casey Anthony book is now available. As I have no ‘dog in the fight’ I have no interest in getting involved. For that reason I will not mention the title, the author, or the little hate group. But it is fun.

Amazon provides the ability for people to upload reviews of books. The important word here is ‘review’, to me that implies that you have actually read it. So lets take a look at some of the reviews:

Just wanted to tell everyone that I would not ever, ever, ever read this book even if someone payed me thousands of dollars to read it.

Note to reviewer, you likely should keep your day job, the correct spelling is ‘paid’.

Absolutely horrified Amazon that you are contributing to this garbage. That your company has been blindsided and fooled by this woman is horrifying! I certainly hope you checked your facts as to who the real author of this book is and that you did your civic duty in contacting the Florida Probation Board to advise them that this waste of space does have a job and is making money from your company’s sale of this book.

Or this one:

A load of garbage, not worth the paper it’s printed on.Just another bottom feeder trieing to become famous off the murder of an innocent baby.

As far as I can tell the book is only available in electronic form, so no paper was hurt.

Do I think Casey Anthony is guilty? Yes I do. She is the white poster child for OJ Simpson.

The bigger question is why does a marginal blogger feel the need to whip up the troops to trash an author? One of the more delightful comments:

Make no mistake this woman could do great harm to an unsuspecting family as well as get unsuspecting real crime enthusiasts into some very grave trouble.

I can’t wait to watch the next episode. A friend of mine wrote a great Civil War book. It was unique in that it relied of the ‘reportage’ of the northern New York Times and the southern Charleston Mercury. Two very different views of the same battles.

Simon Barrett


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