A new cancer protocol is said to have shown signs of success, after a mesothelioma suffer who has not responded to other treatment tried on her so far found that the new protocol made a difference. The patient was a woman in her forties, and she was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 after being exposed to asbestos in childhood.

Although she had already received approved treatments the patient’s cancer continued to grow. However, according to reports she has responded favourably to the new protocol. She began the new treatment after visiting NeoPlas Innovation’s Nashville clinic having realised that other treatments were not working. The new treatment is an off-label combination of interferon and the cholesterol reducing drug lovastatin.

CT tests have now shown that the cancer has stabilised and one of the larger tumours has actually shrunk. This is the first mesothelioma success for this protocol, although it has proven to be successful with other types of aggressive cancer, according to reports.

NeoPlas Innovation Director of Research Dr. Stephen B. Cantrell said: “These are early results from one patient, so no conclusions can be drawn yet. Mesothelioma is so relentless and uniformly fatal, though, that being able to stop its growth and spread is very exciting. Most importantly, it’s a major victory for this patient. It mirrors the success we’re seeing for the great majority of our patients with other cancers, as well.”

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