Consumers have become so into trends that they will even go so far as to purchase an ordinary product for an outrageous price, just so they can say they bought an outrageously priced product. The newest example of this is bottled water called Bling H2O. Made from water that comes from the unromanticized state of Tennessee, the price per bottle is $35. The price tag alone would intrigue those who don’t have $35 to spare on one beverage to buy one out of curiosity. Everyone knows it’s not going to taste any different from regular water, no matter what the price. The only water it seems could be worthy of such an expense would be that taken from the fountain of youth.

Bottled water has become as diverse and cared for as a fine wine. There are several versions of water that people consume. However, not everyone knows what the differences are between these categories. Here they are below:

Artesian Water- Water that is collected from a drilled well into an aquifer. It is confined by a layer of clay or walk. This pressurizes the water to allow it to rise up through the ground without the use of pumps.

Drinking Water- Any water that does not have added sweeteners or additives not including flavors, extracts, or essences. It has no calories or sugars added to it as well. Any flavors or extracts that make up over one percent of the product must be considered a soft drink.

Mineral Water- Water that contains at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. There can be no minerals added to it. The number of dissolved solid parts per million determines whether the water is labeled with a high or low mineral content.

Municipal Source Water- Water that is bottled from a municipal source. It is clearly labeled as such unless the municipal water is treated and processed to be distilled or purified.

Soda, Seltzer, and Tonic Water- Considered soft drinks because they contain sugar and calories.

Sparkling Water- Water that contains natural or added C02 in the same amount that it had when retrieved.

Spring Water- Water that is collected from an underground source retrieved by a bored hold that taps the source of the spring. It is usually not well treated before bottled, and it must maintain the same physical properties and composition as the original source.

Sterile Water- must meet sterility tests set by the U.S. Government.

Sterile Water- must meet sterility tests set by the U.S. Government.Structured Micro-Cluster Waters- Water created at the molecular level.

Well Water- Water that is pumped or collected using tools to extract it from underground rock or soil.

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