In their new book, Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President, Christian college professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter challenge claims about Thomas Jefferson made in the New York Times best selling book, The Jefferson Lies by David Barton.

In The Jefferson Lies and his talks about the book, Barton claims that Thomas Jefferson

  • included all the words of Jesus and miracles from the gospel of Matthew in what is often called the Jefferson Bible,
  • personally helped finance the printing of the first “hot-pressed” Bible in America,
  • did not question the Trinity until after he left the presidency,
  • chose to include Christian language in his presidential documents by signing them “in the year of our Lord Christ,”
  • increased the number of divinity professors at the University of Virginia which he founded as a “transdenominational” school.

Getting Jefferson Right

These claims and others are presented in The Jefferson Lies as evidence that Thomas Jefferson has been misrepresented by modern scholars and secularists to serve modern political ends. In contrast, professors Throckmorton and Coulter demonstrate that Jefferson has been misrepresented in The Jefferson Lies. By presenting primary sources and Jefferson’s own words, Throckmorton and Coulter separate fact from fiction and show that the above claims are false.

Throckmorton and Coulter ground their work in the mission of Christian scholarship, which promotes accuracy in reporting facts within their historical context. Discussions of religious liberty, currently occurring in the culture, should be based in fact. Getting Jefferson Right fact checks claims which often made in debates about the separation of church and state.

Getting Jefferson Right is available on and Barnes and Noble and can be read on any computer or digital device.

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For more information on the book, see Getting Jefferson Right.

“Anyone who reads this book must come to grips with the untruths and suspect historical interpretations that [David] Barton regularly peddles in his books, speaking engagements, and on his radio program.” — John Fea, Chair, History Department, Messiah College

Warren Throckmorton, PhD is Associate Professor of Psychology and Michael Coulter, PhD is Professor of Political Science, both at Grove City College (PA).

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