Largely the Korean War is known as the forgotten war. I have never really figured out why it has remained so murky. My pet theory is that the world was tired of war, WWII had sapped the strength of nations. And of course Vietnam was waiting around the corner. That war would polarize a generation. So, largely few people know or care about Korea. Probably the TV series  M*A*S*H is the sum total of the war.

The Korean war was so much bigger. It was the ultimate ‘Proxy War’. A battle between the US, China and Russia.

Arthur Sharp’s new book is a very unique perspective on the conflict, were nukes on the table? For sure this book makes you think. The Press release begins:


History Publishing Company will release Atomic Cannons and Nuclear Weapons: A Mystery of the Korean War by Arthur G. Sharp on May 2, 2017. The book is, a search for answers that will bring clarity to the question: Was the Korean War actually a second nuclear war? It serves also, as a study of the development and deployment of atomic field weaponry during the Korean War. To that end, the author registers some focus on the M65 cannon “Atomic Annie,” a placement in the U.S. Army’s arsenal during the Cold War in the event a hot war erupted.

Both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower threatened to use nuclear weapons against the North Korean and Chinese Communist forces in Korea. The U.S. Army had “Atomic Annie” in the arsenal; other nuclear devices were shipped from the United States to Guam and Japan during the Korean War ostensibly for use in the war. Author Arthur G. Sharp explores the dynamics of the Korean Conflict as it relates to nuclear war in his forthcoming book Atomic Cannons and Nuclear Weapons to assess the possible or definitive use of the atomic cannon against the North Korean invaders.

“The definite use of the atomic cannon in the Korean War was largely as a psychological weapon,” says the author. “The enemy knew the United States had it and had used it against another enemy in World War II. Since the North Koreans did not have a nuclear weapon, that was definitely something to think about.”

You can read the whole release here

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